A Honeywell Thermostat Can Help Save You Money

How about an new Honeywell Thermostat to program with your phone!  Here are some money saving tips to keep those bills down.

Install a new Honeywell thermostat that is programmable! More saving more comfort.

Honeywell thermostat

A programmable thermostat can increase your comfort level while saving you money.  We Carry style 3000 and 5000 Honeywell thermostats that are nonprogrammable. Or try the new 4000 or 6000 Honeywell thermostats that are standard programable.  We now have the new 8000 series touch screen “smart phone” internet  thermostat.  This stat can be adjusted from almost anywhere.  For all of your Honeywell thermostat needs Call the experts at Value Heating Inc. (208)938-2000For information on Honeywell click here to go to their website.  Download instructions, program guides and more.

Schedule regular furnace and ac maintenance!

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs to be maintained regularly.  Doing so helps your system run better, longer and more efficiently.

Check your program on your Honeywell thermostat for the best energy settings!

Often times, just by simply adding more efficient programming can mean big savings.

Have a new Honeywell humidifier installed!
Honeywell thermostat

By raising the humidity level in your home it will feel warmer at a cooler temperature.  Thus letting you set the furnace temperature lower to save money.  Humidifiers also reduce static electricity and help to hydrate the skin.  They also help preserve wood floor, musical instruments and air work.  Call today for a price quote on this and other Honeywell products sure to make your home more comfortable.


Replace your filters every 3 months with a quality pleated filter.  This will keep your home air cleaner and keep your system working better longer!  New Honeywell 5″ filters and cartridges make replacing filters a breeze.  This filters clean much better than your average pleated filters.