air conditioning service Boise

Air Conditioning Service Boise, Idaho

For lower operating costs and longer life let Value Heating  do your air conditioning service Boise.

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These simple steps can help ensure a properly working system that can keep you comfortable for years to come. Avoid costly air conditioing repairs and heating repairs in Boise.  Quality service and repairs at fair reasonable prices.  A clean system works better, lasts longer and save MONEY!

Air Conditioning Service Boise

Heating Service Boise

  •  compressor amp draw check
  •  adjust air flow for efficient burn
  •  condenser coil inspect and clean (water)
  •  blower motor bearing check
  •  condenser fan inspection
  •  blower motor capacitor check
  •  condenser motor capacitor check
  •  inspect and check burners
  •  clean control compartment
  •  check and oil combustion motor
  •  adjust and check belt
  •  check and adjust belt
  •  read Freon levels
  •  carbon monoxide check at furnace
  •  inspect fan blades
  •  inspect safety devices
  •  meter motor amps
  •  inspect flue pipe for damage
  •  check safety controls
  •  heat exchanger inspection
  •  tighten wire connections
  •  check vent cap
  •  clean or replace filter  (filter cost extra)
  •  clean or replace filter (filter cost extra)
  •  *inspect disconnect
  •  vacuum and blow out furnace
  •  *complete cycle test
  •  complete cycle test
  •  compressor capacitor check
  •  clean flame sensor
  •  check and adjust thermostat
  •  check and adjust thermostat

For Longer lasting equipment and better cost of operation let us do your air conditioning service Boise.  Make your equipment work like it was designed to.